A message from Jet…

Following his recent birthday, Jet has sent us the following message for everyone who sent him birthday greetings:

There I was the other day

another year had slipped away

It’s August now, again it’s here

it always comes this time of year


It has the day I try to forget

the harder you try the older you get

But when you see the things they say

it brightens up that special day


If I was the legend that some suggest

but only a fantasy at best

How can I live at all with the thought

yet live my life as a drummer ought


Oh dear oh dear what is that I see

another pile of work for me?

It’s joyous work in reality

a reminder of what life used to be


What am I really trying to express?

it’s just about my gratefulness

To loads of people who write to me

and not just once but annually


There’s Eric Vonk from far away

you see his name ‘most every day

He sends me jars of pickled stuff

I really cannot get enough


Brian Southgate too he’s there as well

the guy with the Stranglers’ bike from hell

And Claire the nurse with a caring heart

she fixes limbs that fall apart


There’s also David Buckley of fame

of writing books ‘bout the music game

He’s written a few and one about us

and once you could buy it, until all the fuss


How many names are on the list

I can’t believe they all exist

If I invite them ‘round for drinks

it’s bound to take a year me thinks


So what do I do to thank the folk

for all the loverly things they wrote

If I can write a poem and use it

that’s a song without the music


Maybe that’s a better way

to say the things I wanna say

How kindly can the people be

who take the trouble to write to me


Why do so many, and not just some

write to a bloke who bangs a drum?

It makes me wish I were young again

you know I’d do it all the same


Why can’t I find the words and stuff

maybe I’m just not clever enough

So a massive thanks before I go

to all the folk, from every show

jb – 2017



With special thanks to all the people – there must be some – who somehow didn’t make it through to this list

Duncan Round-+-Jeff Curnock-+-Carl Sanderson-+-Mick Byrne-+-Lizzy Burns-+-Mark Reynolds-+-David Worth-+-Shane Jones-+-Lou Smith-+-Bill Jayne-+-Nikki Meijerink-+-Paul Lindop-+-Gill Baglady-+-Trevor Sweeting-+-Yuka Takahashi-+-Peter May-+-Mike Davis-+-Mark Ferguson-+-Melanie Turner-+-Simon Mullen-+-Jonny Simpson-+-Ian Hold-+-Massimiliano Carleo-+-Pat Davies-+-Gill Gilby-+-Neil Abraham Dowsing-+-Dave Coulthurst-+-Fred Staal-+-Sena Foxx-+-Richard Clark-+-John Sideserf-+-Elizabeth McCaffary Reid-+-Nigel Oates-+-Nothere Dave-+-Miguel Kudge-+-Mick Pearson-+-Neville Gain-+-Steve Flint-+-Jody Maguire-+-Vince Johnson-+-Stephen Morrow-+-Sean J Johnson-+-Stanley Horatio Pink-Whistle-+-Kev Hollingsworth-+-David Edwards-+-Mark Sutcliffe-+-Jenny Johnson-+-Erik Asplund-+-Glyn Jopson-+-Karen Fraser-+-Linda Stevenson-+-John Jock Castle-+-Dave Mac-+-Ross McCormack-+-Anthony Porter-+-Gee Gwynne-+-Brian Spike Roberts-+-Sarah Chapman-+-Mary Biles-+-Gill West-+-Mark Skidmore-+-Beat Werner Brunner-+-Tony Black-+-Billy Anderson-+-David Holmes-+-Brian C Burrer-+-Michael Allen-+-John Adams-+-Mark Hayes-+-Andrew Gent-+-Johnny Ugalde-+-Gary Warne-+-Daniel Smith-+-Mark Dallimore-+-Keren Spink-+-Dale Gallagher-+-John Gregg-+-Malc Nedd-+-Ray Steele-+-Red Winter-+-Darren Little-+-Gary Watson-+-Andy Hall-+-John Toner-+-Mark Lozeau-+-Russell Gow-+-Gary McRobert-+-Jacquie Carne-+-Jacqueline Cainer-+-Jeff Buddington-+-Gary Lennox-+-Sean J Johnson-+-Paul Cooklin-+-Ian Bunting-+-Deano McKinnon-+-Thomas Whiteman-+-Chris Wilson-+-Mandy Ward-+-Gray Harlow-+-Scott Skinner-+-Phil Simkins-+-Simon Farnworth-+-Bjørn Barstad-+-Keith Morgan-+-Gary Bainbridge-+-Andy Depamelaere-+-Fredi Munir-+-Dave Clements-+-Dawn Hodges-+-Sean Evans-+-Elizabeth Janet Taylor-+-Suzanne Carr-+-Perry Cronin-+-Ken Spearpoint-+-Dave Blakinblack-+-Alex Elmon-+-Glenn Coggin-+-Roger Sloan-+-Paul Kenyon-+-Colin Evans-+-Tony Wilson-+-Michael Riley-+-David Lock-+-Ian Clayton-+-Debbie Green-+-Stephen Chalkley-+-Mark Hugman-+-David Pearton-+-Conner Borthwick-+-Gary Axten-+-Denis Law -+-Harry Lea-+-Tomi Edvard Šega-+-Fred Furey-+-Paul Carson-+-Fiona Morris-+-Paul Claughton-+-Nick Easterbrook-+-Willie MacDonald-+-Les Neil-+-Sylvia Od-+-Thierry Avril-+-Eddie Mcguinness-+-Dennis Dervish-+-Gary Smith-+-Jon Murfin-+-Carmelo Salvatore Bellaccomo-+-Johnny Cat-+-Bob Hamilton-+-Dianne Davenport-+-Adam Fyfield-+-Andy White-+-Stephen Noble-+-Philip Caren-+-Neal Pomfret-+-Helen Sophia Radford-+-Stefan Sailer-+-Steve Allam-+-Ash Reynolds-+-Sue Woods-+-Patrick McLaughlin-+-Laurence Wright-+-Andy Adams-+-Otis Porritt-+-Dom Dukes-+-Angela Lina-belfi -+-Darry Struthers-+-Stuart Kaufman-+-Thomas King-+-Leonard L Jackson-+-Butch Sorrentino-+-Ian Freeman-+-Susan Sher-+-Per Arne Bertheussen-+-Alan Munro-+-Mutter-+-Rock Serwis-+-RetroMusicRadio-+-Les Greer-+-John Chamberlain-+-Graham Pole-+-Russell Frederick Holliday-+-Rivkah Holmes-+-Gary Bartlam-+-Eric Lawton-+-Glenn Smith-+-Marcel The Younger-+-Peter Hope-+-Gary Jellings-+-Maria Sarantaki-+-Martin Hopkinson-+-Bill Dodds-+-Steven Schauer-+-Jason Bram-+-Tamarindo Jaime Peligro-+-Ian Glover-+-June Sutton Thomas-+-Myra Allan-+-Ian Midgley-+-Pauline Rutherford-+-Steve Gale-+-Denise Rogers-+-Dave Osborne-+-Claire Wenman-+-Linda Hargreaves-+-Ann Styles-+-Kath Brown-+-Geraint Isaac-+-Derek Wales-+-Neil Horgan-+-Mark Senior-+-Neil Champion-+-Raymond Marcel Zuest-+-Jose Augusto Mezzina-+-Andy Lockett-+-Michael Baryshnikov-+-Clint Evans-+-Ged English-+-Graham Wright-+-Claire Lindsay-+-Nico Anelli-+-Joe McAnearney-+-Yola Imbimbo-+-Wayne Foster-+-Kim Dobbert-Saltman-+-Tracy Imrie-+-Jason Browning-+-James Cairney-+-Av Parkinson-+-Neil Sparkes-+-Claude Remy-+-Colin Davies-+-Chris Balden-+-Scott Howieson-+-Graeme & Nichola Rennie-+-Grant McNab-+-Bernard Michael Nussbaum-+-Jim Mitchell-+-Matt Brown-+-Andy Miller-+-Andrew Birch-+-Sabina Kraner-+-William Barr-+-Louise Brill-+-Julie Cairns-+-Za Maguire-+-Hadi Nough-+-Malcolm Carlo-+-Mark Geraghty-+-Christine Dobbo Mabbutt-+-Albion Grey-+-Paul Cox-+-Eric Vonk-+-Robert Inverarity-+-Mithat Ayeren-+-Brian Southgate-+-Steve Wright-+-Eileen Green-+-Gail Worley-+-Joe Doyle-+-Holt Pritchard-+-Brian Donnelly-+-Alan Galway-+-Chris Wilson-+-Karen Steve Godwin-+-Danny Hyden-+-Simon Martin Reynolds-+-Rob Podmore-+-Anne M Bibby-+-Purdy Bhogal-+-Andy Stafford-+-Kiyo Tachibana-+-Sarah Sutherland-+-Dézsi Csaba András-+-Trish King-Hi Trish!-+-Eric Gregor-Pearse-+-Mary Fergus-+-Jim Dorman-+-Rich Husband-+-Wendy Pilkington-+-Chris Myers-+-Billy Muir-+-Simon Lacey-+-Russell Horsfield-+-Serena Meade -+-Dai Sullivan-+-Jim Cleland-+-Phil Johnson-+-Docteur Maison-+-Nick Spicer-+-Vincent Davenport-+-Asa Wetherell-+-Rob Hewitson-+-Jorge Nuñez-+-Magz Spiers-+-Jon Mee-+-Jon Stanford-+-Martin Farrell-+-Simon Barraball-+-Peter Steckel-+-Remony Ramsay-+-Scott Puddey-+-Mathew Seamarks-+-Anthony Ku-+-Rob Haynes-+-John Macmillan-+-Joe Saggese-+-Gary Fewkes-+-Philip Carless-+-Stephen Turner-+-Amanda Simpson-Key-+-Paul Ward-+-Ian Warner-+-Keith Fitzpatrick-+-Kathleen Laing Morton-+-Graham Fisher -+-David Reynolds-+-David Quilter-+-Mark Wenn-+-Steven Smith-+-Dave Green-+-Arvid Siilak-+-Barry Smoker-+-Mark Williams-+-Milenko Kovacevic Fleka-+-Ahmed Acki Çinar-+-Patrick Hames-+-Claire Kelly-+-Billy Leigh-+-Ally Gregor-+-David Buckley-+-Suzy Ripley-+-Annick Lefèvre -+-Graeme Hopson-+-Steve Beddoe-+-Julie Gawthorpe-+-Jacky Lennon-+-Catrona Lang-+-Ian Lever-+-Gary Bolton-+-Maaike Uijthoven-+-Susan MacRae-+-Ernesto Garcia Marques-+-Pierre Jolicoeur-+-Neil Burnett-+-Adam Salem-+-John Groat-+-Lisa Jones-+-Paul Cooklin-+-Robert Inverarity-+-Suzanne McAloon-+-Suzanne Bédard-+-Dennis Raymond Hoy-+-Jacqueline Stone-+-Alison Jones-+-Patrick McDermott-+-Lee Williams-+-Jeff Davies-+-Ruth Smith-+-Tim Alsop-+-Daniella Meijvis-+-Yuki McCuddle Watanabe-+-Clive West-+-Nigel Neat-+-Kenny Cyrus-+-Doug Inglis-+-Suzanne Paradis-+-Emma Lowe-+-James Bell-+-Sarah Hargreaves-+-Maria Meli-=-Mark Base-+-Barry Leedham-+-Rob Owen-+-Ann Marie Mondan-+-Warren Meadows-+-Jett Mitchell-+-John Gallagher-+-William Barr-+-Mark Wozencroft-+-Richard Adams-+-Ian Jones-+-Darren Thomas-+-Steve Tivey

jb – August – 2017