An update on 3 disc set/promo delays

Sil Willcox, the band’s manager, has sent us a new statement about the delays to the Convention 3 dsic set and the Giants promo CDs

Sil Willcox has sent us the following message about the delays to the 3 disc set and the extra promo CDs:

I am acutely aware of the frustration amongst the fans regarding the late delivery of the Convention 3 disc pack. This has been due to a number of factors, one being that the Giants album was late in completion and the other being the production faults with the DVD which led to a further 3 week delay. This meant there was no way we could deliver the new album a month ahead of the scheduled release date. At this time we had two options, one was to put the album release date back and embark on a UK tour without it and the other was to ship an extra promo copy to you as soon as we could arrange it..

Last weekend we rushed the production of the promos through the pressing plant and they were at MAM by Wednesday morning where their staff immediately got to task to send them out to everybody first class. They confirmed to us that all had gone out that day as we specified.

I have been sent the comments on the forum and Facebook regarding the delays and I have attempted to contact MAM numerous times this weekend without any answer. I intend to contact them first thing Monday morning to find out exactly what has caused this unacceptable further delay. Every measure was taken to ensure you got the Giants promo by this weekend by the companies involved but I ultimately must take responsibility for its non arrival as these people are employed to do so on my instruction. For this I am truly sorry and would like to apologise unreservedly for your disappointment at another delay.

For a limited run of 1000 total, this 3 disc pack has taken a large investment of both time and production to achieve what I think is a great package. TV crews and Mobile recording/editing is not cheap and we didn’t want it to go out with flaws and so we took the decision to go for quality over deadlines. I have tried to explain this as openly and honestly as I can, I am truly very sorry and I completely understand if you still feel aggrieved and wish to return the pack back to MAM unopened for a full refund. I really hope you don’t as it is a great package that we’ve put together.

I promise to get a full update tomorrow of what on earth has happened to these promos.

Yours faithfully

Sil Willcox
The Stranglers.