Be part of new Stranglers fan stories book by This Day In Music


Publisher This Day In Music have teamed up with The Stranglers on a new book that will be published later in 2022.

This new book will tell the story of the band in the words of our fans. Were you there at the beginning? Or perhaps you have only just become a fan of the band? Either way, we want to hear your memories.

Where was your first gig? Do you have one that really sticks in the mind? What’s your favourite song and why? What big event in your life is inextricably linked to The Stranglers’ music in some way?

Send your story, including how you discovered the band and their music, along with any photos of yourself, band members and memorabilia you’ve collected over the years to If your memory is about a gig, please include the date and venue if you can.

 Every email will be read and acknowledged by the book’s editor and the best stories will appear in print!