Dave Greenfield – In Memoriam

Since the announcement of Dave’s untimely passing earlier this week, thousands of messages of condolence have been flooding in by email and across social media. For example, Facebook alone had some 8,000 comments on the post as well as numerous private messages. We thought that it would be a fitting gesture to collate some of those messages together to pay tribute to Dave and to demonstrate the affection for him as well as the admiration of his musical prowess. We can’t post all of the messages that were received so we have limited it to the tributes from current and former band mates, crew, management, fellow musicians and friends/public figures…

Band mates (past & present), crew and management

JJ Burnel

On the evening of Sunday May 3rd my great friend and longstanding colleague of 45 years, the musical genius that was Dave Greenfield, passed away as one of the victims of the Great Pandemic of 2020. All of us in the worldwide Stranglers’ family grieve and send our sincerest condolences to Pam.

Jet Black

We have just lost a dear friend and music genius, and so has the whole world. Dave was a complete natural in music. Together, we toured the globe endlessly and it was clear he was adored by millions. A huge talent, a great loss, he is dearly missed

Baz Warne

We lost a true innovator, musical legend, and one of my dearest friends today. The word genius is bandied around far too easily in this day and age, but Dave Greenfield certainly was one. We stood together on the same side of the stage for 20 years, laughed, joked and shared our lives in the way that only band mates can. I’ll miss him forever. Our thoughts and hearts are with Pam, and to the millions of fans who worshipped at his altar, he’ll never be equalled.

Jim Macaulay

Thanks for all your messages regarding the extremely sad news about Dave. Please forgive me if I don’t respond, there have been a lot of messages, something which demonstrates how many lives were touched by this great man. He was without any shadow of a doubt the most naturally talented musician I’ve ever had the privilege of working alongside. His melodies will live forever and serve as a fitting tribute to his gift. As well as being a fabulous player Dave was a true eccentric. He was interesting, funny, kind and loveable. His devotion to Pam was truly inspirational. I will miss him always as will thousands of others. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to spend so much time with him. Fly straight mate. I’ll see you at the bar. X

Sil Willcox

We are all in shock, Dave was a kind, generous soul who had time for anyone and everyone and it has been my privilege to have known him as both a close friend, his tech and manager for over 40 years. Our thoughts are with Pam at this sad time.

Gary Knighton

Thank you to everyone’s lovely comments regards Dave Greenfield. An incredible man, that I had the honour to spend much time with over the years. My heart goes out to Pam, And the boys in the band JJ, Baz Jim and Jet, and all those that have been in the Stranglers with him, that includes Hugh, Paul and John. Irreplaceable you are Mr Greenfield. A true musical genius. Many miles we travelled together, I will miss you repeating everything the sat nav tells me, and you sticking to me to glue at an airport!! and the silence as you did constant Sudoko puzzles. Stage left will never ever be the same place. A friend and I miss him. Off to the big gig in the sky, to join the other greats. Fly straight old friend x

Hugh Cornwell

I am very sorry to hear of the passing of Dave Greenfield. He was the difference between The Stranglers and every other punk band. His musical skill and gentle nature gave an interesting twist to the band. He should be remembered as the man who gave the world the music of Golden Brown.

Paul Roberts

My colleague and friend Dave Greenfield passed away last night. RIP kind man…rock and fucking roll…xxxxx

Neil Sparkes

Devastated to hear the news of Dave Greenfield passing. A remarkable musician and great man and friend. I had the greatest times working with Dave. Blessings for your mystical cosmic journey my Dear Friend XXX


Captain Sensible (The Damned)

I can’t believe Dave Greenfield has gone.. blimey! A really affable chap, he ran a country pub with his lovely wife Pam.. somewhere near Ely I think it was which I visited once and while giving me a tour we stopped to feed his large menagerie of pet rats, every one of which he was extremely fond of.. “trouble is Cap I’ve got to shift them all out back into the shed.. because, well you know we serve food here.. well, the health and safety inspector is coming over later to check the place”. We always had an affinity with the Stranglers.. a great bunch.. and that cantankerous old git Hugh – bands like that don’t come along every day. But of course the truth is they wouldn’t have sounded half as good without the talent and ultra distinctive keyboards of Dave Greenfield, RIP!

Ruts DC

And so, we say farewell to the arpeggios and swirling keyboard mastery of Mr Dave Greenfield. A unique and crucial part of Punk Rock history. Our own Dave Ruffy got to witness his wizardry whilst producing the Norfolk coast album which somewhat saw a return to that, much sought after, “Stranglers Sound”. More recently, we all got to know him on Ruts DC’s many support gigs through the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Thank you, Mr Greenfield, -there will not be another like you, but we are glad that we got to spend time with you along the way. Our thoughts are with his loved ones and The Stranglers Family at this time. Safe Travels.

Simple Minds

As long-time fans of The Stranglers we are saddened to hear news of keyboardist Dave Greenfield passing. Both Charlie and I could never forget the excitement of seeing the band play in Glasgow City Halls in May 1977 – at the very height of the Punk maelstrom then taking over UK music scene. The following year Simple Minds had the opportunity to open for the Stranglers, the experience of that quickly set us on our path to bigger things. To have performed and toured with the Stranglers yet again only a few years ago was equally thrilling, and we spent most nights watching from side stage – our eyes following Dave as he continued to mesmerise with his skills.  We send our condolences to all connected with Dave… and to all members of the Stranglers.  Jim Kerr

The Who

Here in The Who camp we doff our hats to Dave Greenfield, keyboardist of The Stranglers who passed away on Sunday from Covid-19. A very sad and tragic loss. We loved The Stranglers and if you were at our Wembley show in the summer of ’79 you would have seen them as one of our support bands on that day. Rest in peace, Dave.

Clint Boon (Inspiral Carpets)

As I’ve said countless times over the last 30 years, without The Stranglers & Dave Greenfield, @inspiralsband wouldn’t have sounded quite the same. We’ve just lost one of the greatest. What a wonderful body of work he’s left for us xxx #RIPDaveGreenfield

Wilko Johnson

Very sad news. RIP Dave Greenfield. Thoughts are with his loved ones, and Stranglers family one and all.

Michael Stipe (REM)

Today we honour the music and life of Dave Greenfield. he was a brilliant songwriter and performer, and we thank him and the @StranglersSite for their inspiration, contribution, songs and attitude.

Gaz Coombes (Supergrass)

Very sad to hear this awful news, he was a genius on the keys…inspiring & incomparable #ripdavegreenfield

Andy Bell (Ride)

Once in a lifetime, Tomorrow never knows, Gimme Shelter, certain records just are beyond any others, Golden Brown is on that list, RIP Dave Greenfield

Miles Hunt (Wonderstuff)

I’m so very, very sad to read this. My sincerest condolences to Dave’s family and friends. You’re all in my thoughts. X.

Lol Tolhurst (The Cure)

RIP Dave Greenfield who passed away on Sunday from this damn virus. He and the Stranglers were a part of my teenage years. Thank you for your music.

Tim Burgess (The Charlatans)

Goodbye Dave Greenfield. Your sound has been a huge influence on our band and in my life too x x    My thoughts are with Dave’s family and loved ones.

Rick Wakeman (Yes)

A talented and lovely guy. This news saddens me so much. So unnecessary. I’m losing too many friends before their time. I am trying not to be angry but it’s not easy.

Paul Arthurs (Bonehead-Oasis)

RIP Dave Greenfield, massive influence on me when I first started in bands playing keyboards.

Paul Rooney (Vice Squad)

Incredibly sad, another one of ‘our lot’ has gone to the great gig in the sky. A truly creative and unique man, Dave has left us with some wonderful memories and truly amazing music

Hung Like Hanratty

We have sadly lost not only a musical genius but a genuine friend. We are all at HLH absolutely gutted. Dave Greenfield was a really lovely man. All our love goes out to Pam. So very sad. Xxxx

Peter Coyne (The Godfathers)

Very sad news indeed – sincere condolences, love & respect from me & ALL The Godfathers X

Nick Cash (999)

Very sorry to hear the sad news about Dave Greenfield. He was an amazing keyboard player and backbone of the Stranglers sound; it was refreshing to have keyboards upfront in a punk band. He was a good bloke and we got to know him after doing a big European tour with the Stranglers and many subsequent shows. RIP Dave – he will be sadly missed.

Terry Chambers (XTC)

Saddened to hear of the passing of Dave Greenfield, the keyboard player of The Stranglers, who we played with in the late 70s. I would like to send my sympathy and thoughts to Dave’s family and The Stranglers.

Matt Savage (The Levellers)

Extremely sorry to read this. Much love to all the stranglers family and especially to Dave’s Family and friends. Love and light. From me & the rest of The Levellers xxx

Del Bartle

It was a rare privilege and an honour to spend a month touring with The Stranglers in 2013, one of the highlights of which was watching Dave’s amazing keyboard wizardry from behind the stage, not least his ‘No More Heroes’ party trick! He was always approachable, friendly and up for a bit of banter ….. such sad news, heartfelt condolences to his family and everyone associated with The Men In Black. RIP Mr Greenfield

Jim Brady (The Rezillos)

What a terribly sad loss. A lovely guy and his contribution to the band was a huge part of what made The Stranglers stand way out in front of the vast majority of their peers.
RIP Dave, and thanks for the music.

Ricky Warwick

So sad. I grew up seeing The Stranglers many times. A wonderful band with fantastic songs and an attitude second to none…Dave Greenfield’s keyboards were a unique, intimidating and huge vibrant part of that sound. Thoughts with Dave’s family.

Gaye Black (The Adverts)

So sorry to hear this, so many happy memories of seeing the Stranglers at the Nashville back in the day and also in recent times. Condolences to Dave’s family and fellow band members xxx

Echo and The Bunnymen

RIP Dave Greenfield can’t believe this.

Arturo Bassick (The Lurkers/999)

I first saw Dave with the band in October 1976, I loved Dave’s playing so much. This is terrible news, RIP Dave Greenfield musical maestro.

Luke Haines (The Auteurs)

Oh no, really sorry to hear of the passing of Dave Greenfield. Great love for the Stranglers here. Another great thing about The Stranglers is how many of those early songs have the potential to still be really offensive (I mean that as a compliment) and those, great queasy synths that dominate Black and White – their greatest album. Dave Greenfield RIP.

Ian McNabb (The Icicle Works)

He was a toiler on the sea. Dave Greenfield 1949 – 2020. Rock In Peace. Ian x

The Primitives

Was just listening to The Stranglers first few albums the other night for the first time in ages. As sweet & nasty as remembered. Pissing virus. RIP Dave Greenfield.


Extremely sad to hear about the passing of Dave Greenfield, a true legend who’s distinctive keyboards were a huge part of one of our favourite bands.  A true gent & one of a kind, our thoughts are with his family & bandmates. Rest in peace Dave.


RIP Dave Greenfield from The Stranglers. Loved his music since we were kids. Very sad.

Crazy Head

RIP Stranglers Keyboard virtuoso Dave Greenfield. Heart of the band. #davegreenfield

Friends & Public Figures

Ian Grant

I am totally shocked and very saddened to hear this news. Can’t take it in.
I had not had dealings with Dave on a day to day level since I managed The Stranglers but he had a HUGE presence in my life back then. Massive. My sincere condolences to his family, JJ, Jet, Baz, Sil and all those close to him. Dear oh dear this is sad. Very sad.

David Boni

Just heard the tragic news about the passing of Dave Greenfield the legendary keyboard player with The Stranglers. It seems that Covid-19 got the better of him. Having spent a fair bit of time in Dave’s company over the years it’s hard to overstate what a kind and gentle man he was, not to mention a musical genius. My heart goes out to his wife Pam, the band, the crew, Sil and Al and of course all the millions of fans the world over who worshipped him. Rest In Peace Dave and thank you for the music

Garry Coward-Williams

Very sad to hear the news about Dave. He was such a genuinely nice person, who always made time for me. For a very brief period we shared the same path and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Chris Twomey

I’m gutted, just as all other Stranglers fans are. They’ve been an important part of my life since I first heard their music, aged 16. I was lucky enough to meet my heroes, then work with them and write (copiously!) about them. I knew them well for a while because I went on the road with them for weeks on end and was lucky enough to visit, or stay, in their homes. They’ve been a massive part of my life – as they have been for countless others worldwide – for so long, that I can’t really digest the news. I’ll never see (or hear) them together as a proper unit ever again.
My heart goes out to Dave’s wife Pam, followed by JJ, Jet and Baz…and all the fans who’ve fallen into this brilliantly formed ‘barmy army’ over the years. In this current age of daily difficult-to-digest news announcements, this is just the latest unreal event for us to deal with. Dave wasn’t just a rock star [lest we forget, he was voted Best Keyboard player 6 years in a row in the NME’s annual reader’s poll], he was a lovely, modest, unassuming guy. The impression I always got was he couldn’t care less about fame, he just wanted to play well. RIP

Alan Robertson

Gone to the keyboards in the sky! Say hi to Freddie for me! RIP old friend!

Irvine Welsh

Loved the Stranglers and Dave’s Ray Manzarek Doorsish keyboards elevated them above most of the outfits that emerged in the punk explosion. High point: saw them play The Who off the stage at Wembley 79. #RIPDaveGreenfield

Chris Packham

Dave Greenfield of the Stranglers sadly died on Sunday aged 71. He had heart problems and Covid 19. Tonight’s #punkrockmidnight is a simple tribute.

David Baddiel

Ah, Dave Greenfield. His playing on Princess of The Streets.

John Robb

Dave Greenfield (The Stranglers) RIP ‘We are devastated to learn that the greatest keyboard player in the history of rock music from the greatest band ever has died.’

Alan Davies

Terribly sad news. Loved the Stranglers, especially those great keyboards of Dave Greenfield. RIP

Kevin Cummins

Awfully sad news about Dave Greenfield of The Stranglers – brilliant and hugely influential keyboard player. #RIP.

Chris Hawkins

Dave Greenfield was one of the greatest keyboard plays we’ve ever known- he’ll be missed. @therealboon just told us on @BBC6Music that he had an influence on him and @inspiralsband more than any other band. What a guy.

Jeremy Vine

Bloody hell we’ve lost Dave Greenfield

Samuel West

RIP Dave Greenfield, keyboardist of The Stranglers, composer and player of the finest harpsichord solo rock music has ever known

Gareth Jones

Genuinely saddened today to hear of the passing of Dave Greenfield of The Stranglers. #RIPDaveGreenfield #TheStranglers

Liz Kershaw

This #TheStranglers band have lost their keyboard player and treasured friend Dave Greenfield. This is Dave being the brilliant musician that thrilled fans and inspired so many musicians.

Simon Kernick

I’m gutted to hear of the death of the Dave Greenfield, The Stranglers’ legendary keyboard player, from Covid. I saw them live twice in the past six years and my abiding memory is him doing the brilliant keyboard solo in No More Heroes while simultaneously swigging a beer. RIP

Thanks to everyone who has messaged, commented or emailed kind words of condolence. They are all very much appreciated. Fond adieu Dave x

Thanks Adrian Andrews for the images