Fan voted Top 40 tracks

In the countdown to the end of the British Ruby anniversary tour, we can reveal the Top 40 Stranglers’ tracks as voted by the fans. Over the next four days, we will announce 10 tracks per day (in reverse order) culminating in the Top 10 on the final date of the tour in Manchester on Saturday. Nearly 500 fans submitted their own personal favourite Top 40s and the huge task of collating the information has been undertaken by Bazza Cridland over the past few weeks. In addition, we will also announce 10 lucky winners from around the world who will receive a signed photo for submitting their lists. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and especially to Bazza. Updated 27/03-added 30-21… Updated 28/03-20-11 added… Updated 29/03-10-1 added plus winners of signed photos…Updated 30/03-Spotify playlist of Top 40 tracks here

Here’s the full Top 40 countdown:

40. Princess Of The Streets

39. Tramp

38. Ugly

37. I Feel Like A Wog

36. Straighten Out

35. Waltzinblack

34. Strange Little Girl

33. Sweden (All Quiet On The Eastern Front)

32. Death And Night And Blood (Yukio!)

31. Goodbye Toulouse

30. London Lady

29. North Winds Blowing

28. Bitching

27. Midnight Summer Dream

26. Norfolk Coast

25. Nuclear Device

24. Dagenham Dave

23. Curfew

22. Go Buddy Go

21. Baroque Bordello

20. Who Wants The World?

19. Relentless

18. Skin Deep

17. Duchess

16. Walk On By

15. Sometimes

14. Something Better Change

13. Always The Sun

12. (Get A) Grip (On Yourself)

11. Genetix

10. Peaches

9. Golden Brown

8. Tank

7. 5 Minutes

6. Toiler On The Sea

5. Nice n Sleazy

4. Hanging Around

3. The Raven

2. No More Heroes

1. Down In The Sewer

Thanks to those hundreds of fans from the world who submitted their own personal list and to Bazza Cridland for his efforts. Finally here are the 10 winners of signed photos for submitting their Top 40s:

Aaron Franklin, Lichfield
Beckie North, Lincoln
Craig Yates, Liverpool,
Richard Scarr, Meldreth
Cecile Pontagnier, France
Jacques Maroy, Belgium
Roberto Agogeri, Italy
Zdeslav Tadic, Croatia
Gareth Skinner, Australia
Kentaro Yanase, Japan