JJ’s french biography out now!

The highly anticipated JJ biography is out now and available to order. The book, entitled ‘Jean-Jacques Burnel-Strangler In The Light’ is a mammoth 420 page tome detailing JJ’s life, career and interests. Rather than been written in the standard, chronological biography style, the book explores a series of topics that are near and dear to JJ, such as martial arts, motorcycles and masturbation!

The book’s author Anthony Boile, a French writer and fan, interviewed JJ over a period of more than a year and the text of the book is an exact transcription of those in depth conversations. The publishers are the French company Le Mot Et Le Reste and the text of the book is in French. To illustrate the text, around 40 rare and unpublished photos have been sourced and are included in the book.

The release of the biography is big news in France and JJ and Anthony have attended book signing sessions in Paris and Brest as well as radio appearances and numerous press articles. The book is available to order, either as a paperback or a Kindle version from FNAC, Amazon or other good bookshops in France. For non-French speakers, we are aware that Kindle often enables translation of foreign language text into English and we’re checking to see if that is the case with Strangler In The Light.

Good luck to both JJ and Anthony with this labour of love.