Win Dave’s keyboard & help the crew!

In support of Stagehand’s #ILoveLive campaign, the band have donated one of Dave’s keyboards used on the last UK tour, handwritten lyrics signed by JJ and VIP tickets for the upcoming Full Final UK tour. Proceeds from the campaign will be donated to the hardworking crew behind the scenes who are so critical to the success of any live gigs. The Covid 19 Pandemic has decimated live concerts and has severely impacted the incomes of countless roadies & techs. For a chance to win this amazing prize and to support the men & women backstage, please click on the link here. Good luck & thanks for supporting the crew!

A message from JJ: ‘We couldn’t work without our crew. It couldn’t happen without them, without their professionalism, without their dedication. When you see us you really only just witness the tip of the iceberg. Not only are they ambassadors for us but also problem solvers, sometimes friends, always with our best interests at heart.

‘So during these unprecedented times , when work is rare, if at all, we mustn’t forget those invisible but vital cogs in bringing music and entertainment to the millions of people who appreciate it.

‘Please support our crews and technicians who do all the work while we get the glory’.